About Us

AXconnect is a free social networking app that can be used to connect with people while also being utilized for global exchange with people all around the world. Keep up with friends, family and colleagues freely, easily and securely. You can watch and share videos, photos and play games with everyone in your network. You can share videos, photos and posts as 24 hour stories in your profile.  You will get notifications when the people in your network comment on your posts or share thiers with you. You will be able to not only communicate with everyone in your network via instant message, but you can transact for free in this simple and secure all in one application via the AXIA Wallet. You can register here to create your AXIA Wallet or if you already have an AXIA Wallet simply login and it will be immediately integrated into your AXconnect profile. You will have full control over your privacy settings. You can choose what and when to keep anything you post completely private or control who can see your activity.  You can sync AXconnect across all your devices whether they be a phone, computer or tablet. This allows you to use multiple devices at the same time. Security is of the highest priority. Therefore, AXconnect supports end-to-end encryption for all activities in the app.